Objectives Of Criminal Law

Can you imagine a world without any legality? Of course, it is just not possible to think of a world without laws. Although various types of laws exist to keep things in societies in order, criminal law is the most important one. It is a legal body that deals with crime, and this includes threatening, harm doing, or endangering to the health, property, safety and welfare of people. Any person who violates the rules and regulations is liable for punishment under relevant provisions. There are many reasons and objectives behind criminal legality.

Objectives of the criminal law


Criminals need to be punished in some way for their crimes, and this is the most popular objective. Criminals have inflicted unfair detriment or taken improper advantage of others. As such, legal authorities have to step in to punish crime committing individuals by putting them at some unpleasant disadvantages in order to balance the scales. People have fundamentals rights not to be murdered or harmed in any manner by anyone. Folks, who contravene with the laws, actually surrender their rights granted to them and deserve a suitable punishment to keep things in order.


Individual deterrence in law aims in the direction of a particular offender. The goal is to impose adequate penalty to discourage any offender from criminal behavior. General deterrence is aimed towards the society at large. By imposing strict penalties on offenders, other potential criminals are discouraged from getting involved in those crimes.


In many cases, it has been observed that some criminals get into crimes every now and then after a small punishment. To avoid such a scene, it is necessary to keep the criminals away from the society. If such criminals are not given harsh punishment, they pose a severe threat to normal, good citizens. Also, good people deserve to be safe from criminals. Criminal law thrives to achieve this goal through prison sentences, including death penalty and banishment. After getting severe punishment, many criminals give up their crime career and prefer to live a normal life like other citizens.


Law also aims to transform an offender into a good, valuable member of the society through rehabilitation. The main goal of rehabilitation is to avoid further offense by the offender. This is achieved by convincing him that his behavior was wrong. Once the offender understands that his conduct is not only harmful to others, but himself, he transforms into a good citizen and works towards the betterment of the society after getting out of the prison.


It is a victim-oriented punishment theory and geared towards the betterment of the victim. The aim is to repair any injury and harm done to the victim by the offender. For instance, a robber is required to repay the robbed amount to the victim. Restoration is usually combined with other goals of criminal justice; it is closely related to the concepts in the civil law. This means returning the victim to his/her original position before the injury by way of medical help and suitable monetary compensation.